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Why Use Best in Palm Beach Movers for your Florida to Texas Move?

When looking for a reliable mover to assist you in moving from Florida to Texas, look no further than Best in Palm Beach Movers. With years of experience in the moving industry, our team can quickly assist with packing, loading the truck, long-distance transport, and unloading your possessions. Long-distance moves are more complex than local moves for a variety of reasons. With an average distance of around 1500 miles, moving from Florida to Texas is not an overnight experience. Many people move locally, but few take on the challenge of interstate moving without the support of a professional company such as Best in Palm Beach Movers. Our team has a variety of options for how we can best support you during your move.


Moves are as individual as the people experiencing them. For many, interstate moving is new, and having the support of a professional moving company such as Best in Palm Beach Movers is key to having a positive moving experience. Best in Movers offers a variety of options from which our clients may choose...

Professional Packing Services

Best in Palm Beach Movers has a well-trained team of movers who have the most up-to-date and advanced knowledge of packaging materials and procedures. We offer different levels of assistance to support all potential client needs.

  1. Clients may choose to pack boxes independently and simply have the movers load the boxes into the truck for transport. This option can include Best in Movers providing materials or clients responsible for purchasing their boxes and moving supplies.
  2. Clients may choose to have assistance while packing. At this level of service, the family or business being moved is responsible for packing boxes along with our team of professionals. This, too, could have the option of purchasing supplies and materials independently or having Best in Movers bring all needed materials and supplies.
  3. Our highest tier of support is the white glove survival. With this service, the Best in Palm Beach Movers professional team does it all. From materials to packaging and boxing, we do it all! The customer does not lift a finger!

Loading and Unloading

Loading and unloading are significant, especially with long-distance moves such as travelling from Florida to Texas. A long-distance move means the items in the truck will be experiencing more significant amounts of turns, stops, and road vibration. If a truck is not packed correctly, boxes can break down, and furniture may become scratched and damaged. With Best in Palm Beach Movers, we make sure the truck is loaded correctly! Proper loading significantly reduces movement and increases the probability that your items will be just as they were when they left. This way, when you arrive in your new home- whether Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, or Austin- you can move right in and get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Professional Driving Services

The hours are long when moving from Florida to Texas, and the road is often flat and hypnotizing. Our CDL-holding drivers know the route and know how to stay as safe as possible during long-distance transit. Driving a truck is not a simple task. From weather to traffic, letting our professionals take the wheel can save not only your belongings but your life and the lives of others.

What Can I Expect a Florida to Texas Move to Cost?

At Best in Palm Beach Movers, we understand the need for upfront, transparent pricing, and fees. The last thing anyone wants is to move to a new location and have a surprising total amount due. For this reason, Best in Palm Beach Movers provides clients with a written estimate outlining the services chosen.

Pricing is primarily decided based on the home’s square footage; the client chooses services client if the move includes speciality items such as pianos or pool tables and destination location. In general, a move from Florida to Texas costs between the following amounts:

  1. Studio apartment cost to move from Florida to Texas - Starting at $1200
  2. One bedroom cost to move from Florida to Texas - Starting at $1400
  3. Two-bedroom cost to move from Florida to Texas - Starting at $1600
  4. Three bedroom cost to move from Florida to Texas - Starting at $1800
  5. 4+ bedroom cost to move from Florida to Texas - Starting at $2000

Take note that these prices are only estimates. Your actual estimate is created by an evaluator who will be sent to your home to inquire about services and physically see what needs to be moved. Feel free to shop around for other service providers. At Best in Palm Beach Movers, we know you will not find the same services at the same level of knowledge for a lower price. Our company has the experience, knowledge, and tools to make this move your best one yet!

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We Move from Florida to Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Everywhere in Between!

Florida to Texas is one of our most commonly requested moving destinations. Because of this, our drivers have already travelled to a variety of destination locations in Texas. Whether you are moving to Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, or anywhere in between, Best in Movers is your best choice for your upcoming Florida to Texas move!

Call today to inquire about your upcoming move, and let us know how we can help!

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