Moving From Florida to Pennsylvania

Why Use Best in Palm Beach Movers for your Florida to Pennsylvania Move?

The average distance of travel between Florida and Pennsylvania is 1,000 miles. Travelling through the mountainous region of the Appalachians is no easy task. Once you leave the bright city lights of Tampa, Orlando, or Fort Lauderdale, the darkness of the nighttime country roads is jarring. With winding, steep inclines, deer and other wildlife, and potentially hazardous weather conditions throughout the journey, you are best to hire a mover you can trust to get the job done safely! Our drivers are highly experienced in driving our 26 ft box trucks and are ready to haul your belongings to any location in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania is one of our most requested and travelled-to-moving locations. Whether moving to Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, our drivers know the fastest and easiest roads to take and ones to avoid. Let us take the stress of driving away and help you safely relocate from Florida to Pennsylvania.

What Can I Expect a Florida to Pennsylvania Move to Cost?

As with any move, many factors are considered when discussing pricing with clients. From the packing and loading assistance chosen to the size of the space being moved, our prices can vary from home to home. Rest assured, before anyone accepting Best in Palm Beach Movers as their moving company, we send out a representative to evaluate precisely what may be needed and provide customers with a written estimate. We always seek to give a fair and honest price to every client for every move. We encourage you to call around to inquire about rates from other companies. You may even find our prices are not the cheapest, but our team is the most highly trained, most meticulous, and most receptive to clients of anyone around. Always ask other movers about hidden costs and fees! All of our pricing is upfront and out in the open. We seek to never surprise any client with an outlandish, unexpected final total upon arrival to your new home. On average, the prices for moving from Florida to Pennsylvania fall within the following ranges:

  1. Studio apartment cost to move from Florida to Pennsylvania - Starting at $1200
  2. One bedroom cost to move from Florida to Pennsylvania - Starting at $1400
  3. Two-bedroom cost to move from Florida to Pennsylvania - Starting at $1600
  4. Three bedroom cost to move from Florida to Pennsylvania - Starting at $1800
  5. 4+ bedroom cost to move from Florida to Pennsylvania - Starting at $2000

Please remember that these prices are average estimates and are not guaranteed rates. Your rate may be higher or lower than the above prices, depending on your particular items needing to be relocated, availability, and additional services chosen. Our pricing structure is based on the cubic feet needed to get the job done. Ask about our Full-Service Move promo.

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We Move from Florida to Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Everywhere in Between!

With an estimated state population of almost 13,000,000 people, Pennsylvania is a beautiful mountainous location with seasonal changes, rich landscapes, and freshwater bodies throughout the state. With such an immense history as part of our original 13 colonies, it is no wonder it has become home to some of the most famous attractions, including Valley Forge and the Valley Forge National Historical Park, and the Andy Warhol museum. Many locations in Pennsylvania were historically significant. The state itself consists of everything from caves and mountains to beautiful farmland.

For kids, we recommend a weekend getaway to travel and see the first complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton! Spend some time in Hershey Park, ride some rides, and learn how Hershey's empire was started and how it is run today. Twist, turn, and soar down one of the many roller coasters in Pittsburgh’s Kennywood Park. With the state insect being the firefly, it’s no wonder people want to move from Florida to Pennsylvania- it’s simply a great state to live in!

We know moving from Florida to Pennsylvania can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be! Our professional team of movers is ready to help this be your best and most memorable move to date! We can help you relocate from anywhere in Florida to anywhere in Pennsylvania or anywhere in between!

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