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Why Use Best in Palm Beach Movers for your Florida to Ohio Move?

When deciding to move out of Florida to Ohio, one decision that needs to be made is whether to do it alone or hire a moving company to assist. Although doing it alone may save you money, factors such as distance, weather, and road conditions must be considered. Moving isn’t simply driving from one state to another. It is driving in a large truck through unknown steep inclines, declines, and winding twists and turns of the interstate and backroads. The average distance between Florida and Ohio is between 900-1200 miles. If you have ever driven a giant 26-foot truck, you realize just how cumbersome it can be. Everything from stopping for food to getting gas is a bit more challenging. Unless you are an experienced box truck driver, not only is this difficult, but it can be dangerous.

At Best in Palm Beach Movers, our team not only can get your valuables from Florida to Ohio without incident, but we help you pack, load, and unload your items as well. Most people do not move often and therefore do not have the tools or understanding of tips and tricks of the trade to do it well. Florida to Ohio is one of the Best in Palm Beach Movers’ major moving routes. Mountains, weather, and traffic are all part of our daily driving events as we keep our customer’s valuables safe and secure during transport.

For your Florida to Ohio move, it is essential to understand the real difference between moving down the road and moving across the country. Aside from all of the factors listed above, road vibrations and items shifting during long transport are natural occurrences. If a truck has not been loaded well or furniture has not been protected as it should be, the damage is inevitable. While loading the truck, our team is proactive in protecting your valuables. We expertly disassemble furniture whenever possible to protect it during transport and save room in the truck. Disassembling reduces wear on the item and has protected many pieces of furniture. When we arrive at the destination, we can quickly unload, reassembling any furniture as we go. Complete Service Moving includes everything to be packed, shipped, and unpacked for you - all you have to do is pack a suitcase and protection your valuables - our relocation experts will take the rest of the stress and box it up.

Let us protect you and your valuables on your interstate move! Cal Best in Palm Beach Movers for a quote!

What Can I Expect a Florida to Ohio Move to Cost?

One of the main questions Best in Palm Beach Movers is asked is, “I’m moving from location X to location Y; how much will it cost?” It is essential to understand that moving from location to location is not on a scale that we can simply type in your start and end locations and provide you with an accurate estimate. Our pricing is based on how many cubic feet your move will require in our 26’ box trucks from Florida to Ohio. Pricing for any move is dependent upon specific factors that are specific to the individual.

  1. Square footage of your home or the location being moved
  2. Support chose: Is our team simply loading packed materials onto the truck, or are we helping with packing? Are we providing packaging materials and packing everything? Did you choose our “white glove” service?
  3. Items being moved: Pianos, pool tables, and speciality furniture require additional support during a move. Having speciality pieces such as these can increase the moving quote.

Once you contact our team, we will send out one of our quote experts to give you an accurate quote for your specific home, tailored to your specific belongings and moving support needed.

On average, prices are as follows:

  1. Studio apartment cost to move from Florida to Ohio - Starting at $1200
  2. One bedroom cost to move from Florida to Ohio - Starting at $1400
  3. Two-bedroom cost to move from Florida to Ohio - Starting at $1600
  4. Three bedroom cost to move from Florida to Ohio - Starting at $1800
  5. 4+ bedroom cost to move from Florida to Ohio - Starting at $2000

We encourage you to look at other moving companies and compare our estimates to theirs. Be sure to ask about added-in fees and research previous customer satisfaction rates. Pay close attention to people reporting damage to their belongings. Saving a few hundred dollars on the move to go out and repurchase damaged items is not worth the stress or headache. If your moving dates are outside of the summer “moving season” and your dates are flexible, pricing may go down a bit as well. We Best in Palm Beach Movers gives you a quote based on our team’s information, and it’s a pretty solid quote. Do not be fooled by tricksters - if a long-distance move from Florida to Ohio seems priced too good to be true, it probably is. Trust our team at Best in Palm Beach Movers because we are a family of movers - not a business built on moving brokers. There is a big difference in the care carriers like Best in Palm Movers have for their customers vs. brokers just looking to fill trucks. With Best in Movers, you are considered family, and we will ensure that your Full-Service Move from Florida to Ohio is spectacular. Call and ask us about our Full-Service promo!

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We Move from Florida to Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, or Anywhere in Between!

Ohio is the heartland of America. With lake access across the northern part of the state to the miles of the open countryside throughout, your Florida to Ohio move should be one to remember! At Best in Palm Beach Movers, we understand and can support any move at any time. Whether snow or sunshine, we can get you moved quickly, easily, and safely. Whether from Columbus to Cleveland or Toledo to Dayton, let us help you get there, regardless of your new location!

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