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Why Use Best in Palm Beach Movers for your Florida to North Carolina Move?

The average distance of travel between Florida and North Carolina is between 500 and 1,000 miles, depending on your start location, travel path, and stop location. Although this may not seem as though it is an overwhelming transport time, leaving this drive to the professionals at Best in Palm Beach Movers will save you time, energy, and frustration.

Florida to North Carolina is one of our most requested moves, and our team has travelled this route dozens of times. Although a shorter interstate destination location, those choosing to make a move on their own need to understand they will be driving through the Appalachian mountains. This means steep inclines and downhill angles. For many moving out of Florida, this is unknown territory in a large moving truck they are not accustomed to driving and can be very dangerous! Our 26-foot box truck drivers can make sure you and your belongings make it to your destination quickly, easily, and safely. All of our team members are employees, not contractors - Best in Palm Beach Movers are nationwide moving carriers, we do not work with brokers.

It is also important to remember that a long-distance move is different from a local move when moving out of state. For local moves, throwing items into boxes and transporting may not result in breaks or damages; however, when travelling long distances, the road vibrations, bumps, and constant turns make for a better possibility that items not packed properly may break. Our team of expert movers can protect your valuables. With our years of experience and training, we know how to best pack, stack, and load your boxes and furniture into the truck to ensure the least amount of movement as is possible. Our team can expertly disassemble furniture that may not be made for transport and reassemble it when we arrive at your destination. Not only will this save your furniture from potentially being destroyed during transport, but it also saves room in the truck! Full-Service Moves are the least stressful way to move - just pack a suitcase and secure your valuables; we will do the rest! Ask about our Full-Service promo.

What Can I Expect from a Florida to North Carolina Move to Cost?

When looking at long-distance moves and pricing, it is essential to note that pricing varies about services chosen and the number of rooms/items needing to be relocated. The prices listed here are estimates. For a more accurate estimate, Best in Palm Beach Movers will send a representative to your home to get an idea of what needs to be moved. These individualized quotes are provided to you in writing and are generally very accurate unless additional services are chosen later. If that is the case, we will gladly update your quote to include your newly chosen services. As with any move, many factors are considered when discussing pricing with clients. From the number of movers needed to complete the job to the size of the truck required and destination location, Best in Palm Beach Movers does not wish to surprise you with final bills. We pride ourselves on customer service and strive to make our customers life-long clients. So our billing process is based on how many cubic feet your move requires in our 26 ft box trucks.

  1. Studio apartment cost to move from Florida to North Carolina - Starting at $1200
  2. One bedroom cost to move from Florida to North Carolina - Starting at $1400
  3. Two-bedroom cost to move from Florida to North Carolina - Starting at $1600
  4. Three bedroom cost to move from Florida to North Carolina - Starting at $1800
  5. 4+ bedroom cost to move from Florida to North Carolina - Starting at $2000

When comparing our quotes to other company’s quotes, be sure to inquire about hidden fees and check online satisfaction ratings. Look into the following:

  1. Does the company have any additional charges that may appear?
  2. Are previous customers happy with their service?
  3. Did previous customers have any complaints about the condition of their furniture upon arrival?

Best in Palm Beach Movers does not pretend to be the cheapest company to help with your Florida to North Carolina move. Still, you get what you pay for, and our previous clients are overall very pleased with the service we continually provide. If your moving dates are outside of the summer “moving season” and your dates are flexible, pricing may go down a bit as well.

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North Carolina is a beautiful state with strikingly stunning mountain or ocean views, depending on where in the state you plan to move to. Whether planning to live in the beautiful western mountains or eastern beach areas, moving to North Carolina from Florida can significantly change! Allow our Best in Palm Beach Movers team to make your move smooth, easy, and seamless! We can reduce the stress so you can focus on exploring your new home state!

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