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Why Use Best in Palm Beach Movers for your Florida to Minnesota Move?

If, for whatever reason, life takes you on the move from Florida to Minnesota, let Best in Palm Beach Movers help you get there safely! Florida to Minnesota is, on average, a 2000 mile trip. That’s 2000 miles of traffic, unexpected weather, road hazards, steep inclines and declines, tight corners, gas stops, and stops for lodging and food. Most drivers are fine taking such a trip in a car because cars are easy to manoeuvre, and many drivers have years of experience behind the wheel. In a large moving box truck, however, everything becomes a bit more complicated. For example, when finding a gas station, a truck driver must make sure the parking lot is large enough to move around without hitting anything or becoming stuck. Stopping for food creates the same problem. Unless you are used to driving a big truck, this 2000 mile trek can feel very overwhelming. Best in Palm Beach Movers truck drivers are fully licensed, professional drivers. They can ensure the trip to starting your new adventure is one that starts safely and as stress-free as possible, keeping your valuables safe along the transport route! Whether moving from Miami to Minneapolis or Tampa to St. Paul, our Florida to Minnesota routes have travelled our drivers many times through all types of weather and road conditions. Best in Palm Beach Movers drivers are employees, not contractors, so our team is like our family. We treat all our customers like family when you trust us to move you from Florida to Minnesota.

Not only does the Best in Palm Beach Movers team drive the truck, but Best in Movers is Florida’s premier out of state movers, specializing in packing, disassembling, Two-bedroom and reassembling furniture as needed, loading and securing items in the truck, and of course, unpacking upon arrival to your new home. This is Full-Service Moving! Let’s face it, and most people have no idea what they are doing while packing moving boxes. To protect your valuables and ensure safe arrival to your new home, packing should be done in a time-tested way that is more than simply throwing items into boxes. Different box sizes, for example, are available for use based on the weight of what’s being placed inside. Bulky items should be placed in smaller boxes to make the boxes easier to lift and move without box failure or injury. The Best in Movers team is available to provide as much or as little support with packing as your request! We can expertly wrap, pack, stack, and load everything for you or simply load and transport your already boxed items. Call our friendly team and ask about our Full Service Moving promo!

What Can I Expect a Florida to Minnesota Move to Cost?

Cross country moves can be pricey, whether choosing to do it alone or hiring a moving company. It is essential to think of the cost of a move as being more than simply the dollar amount paid for a truck and some moving supplies. If not done correctly, moving is one of the few things that can destroy furniture pieces and break valuables. Hours of road vibrations and shifting items within the truck can cause catastrophic damage to valuables if not appropriately secured within the truck. One accident or incident while driving a moving truck can cost you the entire load or people’s lives. Best in Palm Beach Movers’ drivers are the best in the business - all of our drivers are employees, not contractors. You can rest assured knowing you hired a quality carrier, not just a moving broker!

Best in Palm Beach Movers ‘ distance moving pricing is based on cubic feet, services are chosen, speciality items, and availability of our team. Our quotes are some of the most accurate you will find from any moving company because we send out a professional evaluator to take inventory of what exactly needs to be moved. At that time, the number of team members needed to address your specific move will be recommended, chosen services and needed services will be discussed. Based on all provided information, Best in Movers will provide the client with a written estimate. Although estimates can vary slightly, our clients can expect the actual price to remain pretty stable unless additional services are requested or required while moving. For example, many clients may decide halfway into packing that they would like to add a level of packing support from our team. These changes would always be discussed with the homeowner as they occur to provide transparency in pricing. We understand and respect our agreements and in no way seek to surprise a client with a final bill as other moving companies are known to do. When moving from Florida to Minnesota, the best bet is to use our Full-Service Move - just pack up a suitcase and secure your most valuables, then let our team do the rest! A typical move from Florida to Minnesota averages to the approximate totals below, dependent on the above factors.

  1. Studio apartment cost to move from Florida to Minnesota - Starting at $1200
  2. One bedroom cost to move from Florida to Minnesota - Starting at $1400
  3. Two-bedroom cost to move from Florida to Minnesota - Starting at $1600
  4. Three bedroom cost to move from Florida to Minnesota - Starting at $1800
  5. 4+ bedroom cost to move from Florida to Minnesota - Starting at $2000

Feel free to compare our quotes to other companies. Beware quotes that seem excessively low as many companies will low-ball a client initially and then add on outlandish additional fees and services while moving. It is also essential to understand that you get what you pay for, especially in the moving industry. Best in Movers employees have been highly trained on best practices and safety. They have the proper tools needed to disassemble, reassemble, pack, and load any of your possessions. Most importantly, Best in Palm Beach employees are hired into the company and licensed to move and pack your valuables.

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No matter where life is taking you in Minnesota, our drivers can get you moved and settled in in the least amount of time possible! Whether moving from Florida to Duluth, Minneapolis, Rochester, St Paul, or any location in between, our team has you covered!

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