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Why Use Best in Palm Beach Movers for your Florida to Illinois Move?

Depending on your city of origin, when travelling from Florida and Illinois, the average distance is between 1,000-1400 miles; with weather and mountainous winding roads to contend with, it is no wonder our Florida to Illinois moving path is one of our most frequent requests! From the darkness of the country roads to animals crossing, Florida to Illinois route can be intimidating. Whether native to Florida or simply living there for long periods, many people have grown accustomed to the straight, well-lit interstate roads such as I-95 and I-75. Many residents are unaware that those two main interstate arteries twist and turn throughout the Appalachian Mountains!

Whether travelling through the beautiful countryside or one of the many bustling cities along the way, the trip from Florida to Illinois can be an incredibly difficult one. Moving is stressful enough without learning (or relearning) how to drive through unpredictable weather and unknown landscapes. Although a beautiful drive, attempting to haul a large moving truck is best left to box truck professionals. Let us assist with your Florida to Illinois relocation!

What Can I Expect a Florida to Illinois Move to Cost?

5Pricing for professional moving companies is dependent on a variety of factors. From the number of rooms in the home being relocated to the services you choose, prices vary from job to job. Our pricing structure is based on how many cubic feet your move will require to get the job done. When looking to hire a mover, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How many rooms am I relocating to?
  2. Is my moving date flexible?
  3. What additional services or supplies will I request from my moving company?
  4. How many people will be required to assist with my moving needs?
  5. Is it peak moving season?

At Best in Palm Beach Movers, we do our very best to provide potential clients with accurate, comprehensive quotes for our services. Once requested, we will send out a representative to evaluate your home and specific needs. We will use that information to get an individualized quote for service, keeping in mind any requested services in advance. Our quotes tend to be highly accurate, as if you make any changes you make to your move, we will update our quote to reflect the changes requested. We don’t want our customers surprised or disappointed by our final bill as we seek to always remain transparent in our service costs. The average moving prices from Florida to Illinois are listed here, but- again- these prices are subject to change based on your individual needs.

  1. Studio apartment cost to move from Florida to Illinois - Starting at $1200
  2. One bedroom cost to move from Florida to Illinois - Starting at $1400
  3. Two-bedroom cost to move from Florida to Illinois - Starting at $1600
  4. Three bedroom cost to move from Florida to Illinois - Starting at $1800
  5. 4+ bedroom cost to move from Florida to Illinois - Starting at $2000

Although many of our prices fall within these ranges, please remember that your price may be higher or lower than these listed averages. These prices are not guaranteed rates, and they are simply being provided to give you an estimate. Having flexibility with moving dates and moving outside of peak season can also lessen your overall total. Based on the cubic ft required to move you, our estimates are the most competitive in the market for moving from Florida to Chicago.

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We Move from Florida to Chicago, Aurora, Joliet, and Everywhere in Between!

Illinois has an estimated total population of around 13,000,000 people. Many people move to Illinois each year with major cities such as Chicago, Aurora, and Joliet. Illinois is home to many attractions, including the southern shoreline of Lake Michigan, Chicago’s famous Cloud Gate art sculpture- known to most as “the bean”-, and Willis Tower, the second-largest skyscraper in North America. For kids, Illinois is home to one of the only free zoos left in the United States. Founded in 1886, it is one of the oldest zoos in the country! Illinois is similar in terrain to Florida in that it is essentially a flat state with many farms.

When moving to Illinois, it is essential to note that Illinois has the third-highest total of interstate routes and mileage. The vast amount of travel options available can be a lot to take in for a person new to the area. It is a busy state with beautiful snowy winters and many historically relevant sites to visit. It is easy to get sidetracked while driving from Florida through this great state! Leave it to us to take the confusion and stress out of your Florida to Illinois move!

We will get you there and get you moved in quickly and easily.

If you plan to move to one of the large cities, such as Joliet, Chicago, or Aurora, it is essential to realize and plan for the truck’s size, not cubic; and where it will be parked and unloaded once you arrive. The street truck’s size may be tight. Our professional, moving truck drivers can manoeuvre and park easily, giving you more energy to unpack and less time spent worrying about “how” the move will be successful!

We know moving from Florida to Illinois can be a lot to take in. let us help! Our professional team of movers is ready to make this movie stand out among all others as the best move you’ve ever experienced!

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